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    Angela Carter

    by Plato, G.M.A. Grube

    📕 Meno • READ MORE 📕

    • Genres: philosophy, classics, ancient, school, greece, history, education, college
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9780915144242 (0915144247)
    • Author: Plato, G.M.A. Grube
    • Release date: June 1, 1980
    • Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
    • Format: paperback, 33 pages

    About The Book

    Meno (/ˈmiːnoʊ/; Greek: Μένων, Menōn) is a Socratic dialogue by Plato. In it, Socrates tries to determine the definition of virtue, or rather arete, meaning virtue in general, rather than particular virtues, such as justice or temperance. The first part of the work is written in the Socratic dialectical style, and depicts Meno as being reduced to confusion or aporia. In response to Meno’s paradox (or the learner’s paradox), however, Socrates introduces positive ideas: the immortality of the soul, the theory of knowledge as a recollection (anamnesis), which Socrates demonstrates by posing a mathematical puzzle to one of Meno’s slaves, the method of hypothesis, and, in the final lines, the distinction between knowledge and true belief.

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