Formed in 1983 to record and promote interest in the history of the Derbyshire village of Sawley

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WWI Exhibition

23 -26 August 2014

Can you help? We need information relating to those men who died, and are listed below, or any other men from Sawley, who served in the Great War 1914-18, for our next exhibition. Photographs, letters, stories,documents, memorabilia etc will be much appreciated.
Contact Graham (tel: 01332 850321) or Pam (tel: 01332 872148)

Adams, Henry (Harry)

Allport, Edm’d Horatio

Atkinson, Osborne  

Barker, George Henry

Barrett, George  

Bates, John William

Berresford, William T

Berrington, Thomas

Berry, Harold  

Berry, Percy Charles


Boultbee, Arthur

Brooks, Charles W  

Burrows, J.T.    

Burrows, William E.

Chappell, George

Clewes, Arthur Victor

Clifford, Ernest  

Clifford, Roy Gideon

Cooper, Thomas W.

Crane, William

Crisp, Charles Isaac I.

Daft, David Thomas

Daft, George William

Earl, Nathan

Foster, Leonard  

Green, William

Gundry, Benjamin

Harvey, Norman Victor

Hatton, Percy  

Irons, Thomas Walter

Johnson, Harold  

King, Thomas  

Kitching, George  

Leivers, Frederick

Leivars, John William

Linnell, Frederick Maddocks, Frederick

Marsden, Job  

Masters, Frederick

May, Ernest William

Meads, John Arthur

Mellors, Percy

Newbold, Edgar  

Owen, William Edward

Parker, Ernest Albert

Parker, William  

Peters, William Arthur

Poyser, Sidney (Sid)

Richards, A.   

Ride, William

Roper, Arthur  

Roper, George

Rose, James William

Rowe, Edward Lionel      

Rudd, James

Salt, William

Shaw, Joseph    

Shelton, W. Thomas Shepherd, Samuel

Simpson, James      

Smith, Frederick

Smith, George

Smith, Harold         

Stevens, Horace

Stevens, Thomas Sturgess, George

Townsend, Bert

Townsend, Leonard   

Turner, Ernest

Turner, John     

Walker, George H.

Watson, Thomas

White, Francis William    

Williamson, Arthur Wiliamson, William E.

Winfield, Leslie  

Winfield, Owen T. Wombwell, George Woods, William    

Wright, Herbert